Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baylor College of Medicine Merger Update

After failed talks of merging with Rice University, the Baylor College of Medicine is now in discussions on merging with former parent institution Baylor University. These discussions have already drawn the ire of many who oppose the would-be merger. In a petition, signers commented on what they feel is a conflict between the religious-affiliated university and the research-based medical school. Issues such as evolution, stem cell research and sexual orientation could prove to be difficult to reconcile with the mission of the Baptist university. Baylor College of Medicine Interim President Dr. William Butler attempted to ease concerns, suggesting that "Any new affiliation agreement between Baylor College of Medicine and Baylor University will assure that BCM maintains its independence and importantly, its scientific and academic freedom." He continued, "Our board is firmly committed to remaining a non-sectarian institution and continuing with our current non-discrimination policy and affirmative action program."