Saturday, August 25, 2012

Editorial Recommends College Mergers as the Best Solution for Fiscal Crunch in Louisiana's Higher Education System

An editorial in the Times-Picayune suggests that university mergers remain the best option for a solution to funding problems in the Louisiana higher education system.

Gov. Christie Signs N.J. Higher Education Merger Bill

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed the New Jersey Medical and Health Science Education Restructuring Act that merges nearly all of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, including its medical schools in Newark and Piscataway, into Rutgers University. The UMDNJ osteopathic medical school in Stratford will be merged into Rowan University in Glassboro. The belief is that merging the medical schools into the comprehensive universities will enhance the status and research portfolios of the combined institutions.

Possible Merger of Texas A&M College Station, A&M Health Science Center

Texas A&M University, College Station may merge with the A&M Health Science Center in January 2013. A committee of faculty from both institutions is currently engaged in researching the feasibility of the process. Similar to other mutual-growth mergers that have recently taken place in the United States, potential positive outcomes include enhanced research funding, rankings and other possibilities for new collaborations.