Monday, January 16, 2017

Oregon Lawmaker Proposes Voluntary Mergers of Community Colleges and Universities

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney introduced a bill that would allow Oregon community colleges and public universities to voluntarily merge. Courtney remarked on the potential for institutional savings, as well as the ease and possible personal savings for students moving across the state higher education system.

Merger Approved Between Georgia State University and Armstrong State University

The Georgia Board of Regents approved a merger between Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University. The combined institution will be known as Georgia Southern University and be led by GSU President Jaime Hebert. The two institutions are one hour apart and serve many of the same students. The combined institution will have more than 27,000 students, making it the fourth largest public university in Georgia. Opinions on the merger include those cautiously optimistic, with a focus on a transparent process, to concerns among students regarding the loss of institutional identity.